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Bird Flu (H9N1) Antibody ELISA Test Kit

Bird Flu (H9N1) Antibody ELISA Test Kit
  • Bird Flu (H9N1) Antibody ELISA Test Kit
Product Description


Bird flu (Avian influenza, AI) is an acute contact venereal toxicity infectious disease against the domestic poultry industry at present. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent and control it, the antibody level after immune reflects the vaccine effect, which directly related to immune resistance to avian influenza virus in chicken flocks.

This product is applicable to the different species, different age in chicken serum specific antibody detection of H9N1. It can be used for H9N1 virus vaccine immune time of analysis, evaluation of immune effect, chickens with H9N1 in immune status.


The kit is based on an indirect enzymatic immunoassay (Indirect ELISA). The antigen is coated on plates. When a sample serum contains specific antibodies against virus, they will bind to the antigen on plates. Wash the unbound antibodies and other components. Then add a specific Enzyme conjugate. After incubation and washing, add the TMB substrate. A colorimetric reaction will appear, measured by a spectrophotometer (450 nm).

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