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Livestock/Poultry Diagnostic Kits

Livestock/Poultry Diagnostic Kits
  • Livestock/Poultry Diagnostic Kits
Product Description

This kit is used to detect specific antibody against Peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) Antibody in serum qualitatively, for monitoring antibody after PPRV immune and serological diagnosis of infection in sheep.

This kit use indirect ELISA method, pured Ovine PPRV antigen is pre-coated on enzyme micro-well strips. When testing, add diluted serum sample, after incubation, if there is PPR virus specific antibody, it will combine with the pre-coated antigen, discard the uncombined antibody and other components with washing; then add enzyme labled anti-PPR virus monoclonal antibody, antibody in sample block the combination of monoclonal antibody and pre-coated antigen; discard the uncombined enzyme conjugate with washing; Add TMB substrate in micro-wells, the blue signal by Enzyme catalysis is in inverse proportion of antibody content in sample, use ELISA reader at 450nm wavelenth to measure the absorbance A value in reaction wells after adding stop solution to stop the reaction.

Results judgement

Read the OD value with ELISA Reader at 450nm (630nm as reference).

For the assay to be valid:

Negative control (N) OD value< 0.15, meanwhile positive control (P) OD value > 0.4;

Calculate method:

Sample OD value/Positive control OD average value= S/P value

Results interpretation

S/P value≥0.5: Positive

S/P value<0.5: Negative

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