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Animal Disease Rapid Test Strips

Animal Disease Rapid Test Strips
  • Animal Disease Rapid Test Strips
Product Description

Canine Influenza Virus(CIV) Ag Rapid Test card

Catalog no.: LSY-20092

1. Introduction

Canine influenza is caused by influenza viruses of the genus specific virus. But there is big difference between human influenza viruses and the bird flu virus.

The Canine Influenza Virus(CIV) Ag Rapid Test card is based on fast immuno-chromatography technique to detect CIV Ag in Nasal or throat swab. After adding sample, the sample move along with the colloidal gold labeling CIV antibody, is there is CIV antigen in the sample, it combines with antibody on T line and show wine-red color; if there is no CIV antigen, then no color reaction.

2. Contents

CIV Ag test card
50 pieces
50 pieces
50 pieces
Sample buffer
50 bottles
Disposable gloves
10 pairs
1 piece

3. Test procedure

1) Use Swab to collect sample from Nasal or throat, the swab should be inserted into Nasal or throat, wipe and rotate in inner well repeatedly.

2) Insert the swab into the tube with sample buffer immediately, rotate the swab strongly on tube well for at least 10 times and mix the solution evenly, making the sample been dissolved in sample buffer fully. Press the swab on tube well above the liquid level, making the liquid been pressed out fully, discard swab.

3) Take out test card from sealed bag. Put it on flat surface, use dropper to draw upper-layer bright liquid, drop 5 drops slowly, one by one, to the sample hole with "S" mark.

4) Put the test card at room temperature for 10-15min, read the result, the result is invalid after 15 minutes.

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