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ROC Biotech Inc is a multinational corporation, well known for R&D and marketing of a diverse line of products dedicated to food and animal safety. The R&D center is in California with production based in China.

The products have been designed and developed primarily for immunoassay platforms. Nonetheless, there is also a great emphasis on other test formats such as PCR, Lateral Flow and Colloidal gold immunoassay.

Our portfolio includes:

1) Veterinary drug residues ELISA test kit– detection Nitrofuran (AOZ, AMOZ, SEM and AHD), Chloramphenicol, Tetracyclines, Sulfonamides, Melamine and so on, which are widely used for shrimp, meat, honey, milk, feed, serum, urine samples. About 40 such products to ensure food safer.

2) Animal disease diagnostic kits – detection of antibodies against Swine foot and mouth disease, porcine Pseudorabies, Hog Cholera Virus, Porcine Circovirus, PRRSV, Bird flu, Canine rabies virus, Newcastle disease and so on, widely used for borine, pet, chicken, mimian and porcine disease.

3) Colloidal Gold Rapid test strips – detection food safety and animal disease. For example, Clenbuterol, Ractopamine, Melamine, Aflatoxins B1, Malachite green, bird flu, dog rabies and so on.

4) Aflatoxins ELISA test kit-detection of Trichothecenes (T-2), Fumonisin B1, Ochratoxin A, Microcystin, Aflatoxin M1, Deoxynivalenol(DON), Zearalenone, Total Aflatoxins and Aflatoxins B1.

ROC Biotech Inc has earned great reputation globally with our excellent service and quality. We hope to utilize the biological technology and medical research to serve for the health of all humanity.